Huge amounts of love use to be enough!

Additionally to a healthy nutrition and academic support, our foundation has based its work by filling our kids with love and affection to help them evolving the best possible way.

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Inside of you lives the hope of a kid that could have a better future thenks to your support. Through our foundation, hundreds of kids now have better opportunities.

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Just give them a chance!

We have discovered through hundreds of cases, kids who are facing hige challenges today can perform incredible talents. With just a little bit of help you can change a live and help them by developing their potential.

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More than 80 kids from Buenavista and La Estrellita areas in El Codito zone in Bogota, Colombia, are being covered by our love and care...

We are a non-profit organization registered by the ICBF (Familiar Wellness Colombian Institute) working since 2001 with children supporting their education and giving them a chance to improve their quality of live when coming from poor areas and when facing many kinds of vulnerabilities.

Fundación Ayuda por Colombia wants to be an answer for the physical development, affection lack and intellectual evolving of a huge number of families. Till today, we had the chance to help around 350 children and teens. The most important asset we are giving to them, is real love and affection that allow them by living a hoping live with opportunities and the chance of having a better future.


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