Love Incubator

It helps children to heal difficult situations, strengthen themselves, develop capacities and learn to live with respect, love and visualize a better future.


Teens with a Future

Avoid gangs violence and drugs addiction. Show alternatives that keep them away from the problematic social environment in which they are submerged.


Dreams Builders

To find godparents who are committed to the future of Colombian childhood and youth, providing them with the confidence and resources needed in the process.


Paola Salas Scholarship

Encourage children in their educational growth through the opportunities and benefits that can generate discipline in the academic field.


School of Music and Chamber Orchestra

To enable children to heal difficult situations, strengthen their inner selves and self-esteem, develop their capacities, learn to live in an environment of respect and love and visualize a better future.


Orchestral Project at Home

In the wake of Covid-19 contingency we created the Orchestral Project at Home that seeks to provide continuity to the musical activities of the Chamber Orchestra, occupiying the children´s free time through virtuality.


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