Hope Family

What is this about?

Program where through conferences and educational workshops for parents and guardians, seeks to strengthen the relationships and improve the gaps that can have within the family nucleus.

Our Goal

Contribute to family cohesion and the resolution of intrafamily conflicts. To help children in a state of vulnerability by treating the problem from the inside of their homes, seeking as a result the reflection in the improvement of their daily life. 

What activities are carried out?

Through talks, educational conferences and workshops in alliance with the CRAN foundation we look for the resolution of family problems. From this, the problem is treated from the inside the homes and affective bonds are strenghtened. 

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Annual Budget

COP $ 240.000.000,00

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We are a non-profit foundation with legal status issued by the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF), founded in 2001 to contribute to the formation and comprehensive development of children and youth belonging to families in poverty and vulnerability.


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