Do you mind if they speak ill of Colombia? Maybe not everything is so bad and hurt you, thwart and disturb what you hear on the radio or see on TV; But the truth is that sometimes our reality is very alien to the boundaries you go through in your day to day. Closer than you can imagine, a few minutes by car, there are other worlds, spaces of absolute rootlessness and poverty. And you will find them under the very sky of the city you inhabit. In the Northeastern hills of Bogotá, there is El Codito neighborhood. A neighborhood that adjoins the municipality of La Calera and which is part of the town of Usaquén, divided by several areas or adjoining neighborhoods as Nuevo Horizonte, Chaparral, Buena Vista, La Estrellita among others. This is a community mainly of inhabitants of low stratum and coming from regions of the country that live in condition of displaced. The invasion properties are the constant in the Codito, very few houses have legal documents and many of them have been built near Rocky escarpments, therefore, they are constantly threatened by landslides and instability of the terrain. These sites are not apt to be inhabited. However, people from all over the country continue and continue to arrive, who perhaps should not be here but in the camps where they were uprooted. From a social perspective, the finger has maintained very particular problems for years; Insecurity, vandalism, drug addiction, mismanagement of public spaces, public health and education. Yes, it's frustrating but real; As well as are the people who have joined the environment to change this reality. Love and Future, words that were born 18 years ago in this vulnerable area of our capital and that every day, year after year, is reaping fruit. Betting on changing children's lives is priceless. And today, more than 450 children have been part of this adventure that we take to eliminate the unspeakable condition of poverty, malnutrition and other critical factors that afflict our children and young people. The School of Music, Opportunities for better education (technical or professional), monitoring and permanent work with families, good nutrition and of course love, are the fundamental axis to change history. Make part of us and deslígate of those who speak ill of Colombia, encourage to provide love and future for our children. And that indifference does not govern you!


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